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Lime OG

Beard Bros Pharms' Lime OG is renowned for its amazing ability to get you relaxed. A heavy Indica with zesty lime flavors that verge on tasting sour, this strain is perfect for when you're trying to relax and relieve muscle pain and insomnia.

Blueberry Kush

Beard Bros Pharms' Blueberry Kush is Indica that brings a slow but powerful sedation that can only be called sweet. A cross between Blueberry and OG Kush, this Indica flower tastes of fresh berries with an undertone of earthiness, while your body begins to slowly sink into a relaxing sedation.

Strawberry Tahoe

Grown by Beard Bros Pharms a tasty hybrid between Tahoe OG and Strawberry

Eureka Clear Dab - Granddaddy Purple Jack

Eureka Vapor Clear - GDP Syringe refills are pre-filled with 500mg of 100% natural, solvent and additive free CO2 extracted cannabis oil. In an easy to use syringe for easy application and precise dosing, Eureka Vapor's GDP syringe gets patients the efficiency and flexibility they need.

FlavRX - Girl Scout Cookie

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is an OG Kush and Durban Poison Hybrid. The combination produces a well-balanced mix of sweet and earthy aromas. The taste of Girl Scout Cookies is an extremely rich, spearmint flavor with a slight hint of chocolate. Medicinal: Patients needing a strong dose of relief may look to GSC for severe pain, nausea, and appetite loss. Additionally, Girl Scout Cookies has become popular among patients suffering from insomnia, anxiety, chronic stress, depression, and migraines. FlavRX Cartridge available in 0.5 gram and 1 gram.

FlavRX - Pear Herer

FlavRx’s CLEAR Pear Herer is the easy, smooth experience for those looking to turn their day around. With a mysterious history (Jack Here is definitely a parent), this Sativa-dominant Hybrid doesn’t need a clear family tree to provide relaxation for both body and mind. Medicinal: If you need to reduce stress and anxiety, FlavRx’s CLEAR Pear Herer is there for you.